I Have Things To Say

28 07 2010

I didn’t think I needed a blog.  I’ve had a blog.  A couple, in fact.  But sometimes I fall out of love with having one and I finally got to the point that I just didn’t think I would have one anymore and I got rid of it. 

As it turns out…  I have things to say.  And this is where I’m going to say them. 

It’s an anonymous blog and therefore probably no one will ever read it.  Which is fine, I guess.  It’s really for me anyway. 

So here I am, World.  Me and my blog.  My no holds barred, balls to the wall blog.  I’ve found my voice, I love my voice.  And I’m going to use it to say things.

Until next time, I remain your most humbled servant…  Hamlet’s Mistress



3 responses

29 07 2010
Laber of Love

Jumped over here from Heather’s site. 🙂 Hi, I’m reading you now!

30 07 2010

Awesome. Welcome! Thanks so much!


31 07 2010


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