If I could have anything…

9 08 2010

There are 5 things I would want:

1  A better house in a nice neighborhood with room for a child.

2.  An income that comes from somewhere other than working 45 hours a week that is the same or more than I make now.

3.  No debt.

4. A more reliable car.

5.  The ability to crochet like, full-time.  I have so much I need and want to do.  I have a froggie hooded blanket that I need to get done for my 7 month pregnant best friend, an afghan for a baby shower next month that is probably not going to happen for another friend, another baby blanket for a woman at work who is going to have her first grandchild in January and an afghan for a friend of mine getting married, but I have awhile on that one.   Then I’d also like to make things to donate to local nursing homes and terminally ill children.  I’d ideally like to make a few things now and then to sell, as well.  But I just can’t do this all.  Not with all the time I spend at work and commuting.  So really, probably all that will get done is my friend’s frog blanket and the blanket for the woman at work.    It makes me sad.  I want time to hone my craft and learn new patterns and new stitches. 

I just need to figure out how to make this all happen.  Where is that long-lost uncle who I never knew but leaves me an absolute fortune when I need him….  to die…   That would be a horrible thing to say if I HAD a long-lost uncle, but I don’t.  So it’s not horrible…  just funny.  Ok funny-ish.  Maybe part funny, part mean.   Oh hell, this is my blog.  I say it’s funny.  So it is. 

Wanting to change the world one stitch at a time….  Hamlet’s Mistress



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