#5 on my To Do list… DONE

25 08 2010
I have to weave in the ends and sew on my tag, but it’s done!!
Don’t mind the bear.  He’s mortified at me photographing him with his bow all untied and looking all disheveled.

Heavenly blanket... eyeballs from hell.




7 responses

26 08 2010
a bourbon for silvia

that is so cute!!!!

26 08 2010


26 08 2010

Eyeballs from hell made me spit my water out!

26 08 2010

And I was being NICE saying that.

26 08 2010

Is he for sale?! I want him!

BTW: love your blog!

26 08 2010

He’s not, he’s going to my pregnant best friend, but I do make items on consignment. I have one I have to start for a friend who is buying one to give as a Christmas gift. Do you have a particular time line in mind? He’s $85. If you’re interested I have an email link on the side bar.

And thank you!!

29 08 2010
Brahm (alfred lives here)

Aww, very cute — is like a shy bear peeking out from behind a hood!

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