Meaningless Ramblings – Ed. 1

25 08 2010

I had ideas for a great post this morning.  But as it turns out, I’m just too tired.  Maybe it was the 16 inning game I stayed up to watch.  Was it stupid to stay up given that I had to get up for work this morning?  Probably…  but it wouldn’t have been if my team had won.  But it was still entertaining, so although it was a loss…  it wasn’t a complete loss. 

Although I don’t have kids and haven’t gone “back to school” for 11 years after summer vacation, there’s no denying that it’s that time of year.  I’m always filled with a bit of melancholy sadness this time of year.  I always loved going “back to school” after each summer.  Not because I was a big nerd.  (I was)  And not because I was totally boy crazy and wanted to size up the potentials for the new year.  (I was and I did)  But because I loved the feeling of that clean slate.  We don’t get that as adults and it’s something I miss horribly.  I loved closing one chapter and opening another each year.  I miss that excitement and anticipation of “new” and miss that relief of being “done”.   I seem to miss it more each year instead of less and I’m not sure what to do about it…  yet. 

Oh the other night my husband and I had to wrangle a vicious snake out of our basement that had gotten in.  It was dicey and there were times I thought we might not make it.  But the hubs, the snake and I all made it out unscathed.  Wait…  am I saying snake?  Yeah…  I meant toad.   It was a toad.  But snake sounds way more impressive, right? 

At work the other week I DIDN’T do something wrong.  (I swear I actually didn’t) But the one owner thinks I did and is still giving me the cold shoulder.  It’s been like two weeks.  It’s a very small office, so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to deal with it.  I NEED an escape plan…  pronto. 

And lastly, Scott Barry needs to get his power issues under control and do his job and not be an unimaginable bastard who wouldn’t know his ass from his face.   Google him.   The assface. 

Sleepy and slightly grumpy and not inclined at all to work today…  HM.



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