I’d just really like to meet him

27 08 2010

Isn't he the ADORABLEST EVER????

Colin Firth.  No really.  I love him.  I find him to be absolutely adorable.  He’s 50 this year which gets into kind of the creepy factor as far as sex goes, but I’d be up for it, I think.  I mean if he was (able to).  But honestly, he just seems like he’d be a great guy to just know.  In the non-Biblical sense.  Like your favorite uncle.  Even in movies where he’s not the nice guy…  i.e. Shakespeare In Love – I still just adore him. 

I love What a Girl Wants – because of him.  I love Nanny McPhee – because of him (and also because of Emma Thompson who I totally have a girl crush on.  I’m completely in awe of her. ) But this is about Colin.  Bridget Jones Diary … love – because of him.  And the aforementioned Shakespeare in Love… love!  Because of him.  I just think he is the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees, the best thing since sliced bread AND all that and a bag of chips.  

I think we’d get along famously.  He’s been in movies I love…  I love movies he’s been in…  one of them was about a Shakespearean play…  I love Shakespeare…  He’s met Emma Thompson…  I love Emma Thompson.   It really seems meant to be.    

If I was truly awesome I’d have written this on September 10th when he actually turns 50, but I decided to write this post and then needed to see how old he was…  to, you know, see if the sex would be gross or not.  And THEN I saw when his birthday was and felt dumb.  But I’m nothing if not committed to my ideas so the post must go on. 

So here’s to you Colin and your cute British accent and proper enunciation.  You maybe be getting ready to be numbered 50 in years, but you’re numbered 1 in my heart. 

Seriously…  can’t I just MEET him?…   Hamlet’s Mistress



7 responses

28 08 2010

Me too!!! I LOVE him!

Will email you later. Cheers! Jenny

29 08 2010

Um…you could do the stalker thing…maybe go to a red carpet? Send him a letter?…does he have twitter?…

29 08 2010

I’m not sure. I’ll have to check tomorrow at work. The little “VERIFIED” icon doesn’t show up on my netbook. I can’t picture him Tweeting….

29 08 2010
Kernut the Blond

Ditto. He’s lovely, hot and quite doable. I’m a bit older than you so if you think he’s too old, I’ll take him! He’s right in my dating age range. purrrrrrr

29 08 2010

I’ll let you know. The jury is definitely still out on that. I mean until just a few years ago I was still on board with Sean Connery. So, Colin’s definitely a possibility, being far younger than Sean. 🙂

31 08 2010

He’s beyond adorable. You forgot the classic BBC Pride and Prejudice. Oh the fountain scene…. *swoons* Can we start a fan club?

31 08 2010

Um, why haven’t I seen that? *note to seek it out* I’ve only seen the newer one and I despise Keira Knightly. And not because she intimidates me… lol. I think she’s a horrid actress. OMG, I just found that movie. He was SO young & beautiful. Yes, I think we need to start a fan club. Officers will be determined by dance-offs. Start working on your moves….

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