Talk to me Tuesday – Where would you live?

14 09 2010

Sometimes it’s interesting to imagine living somewhere else.  Wondering how geography might impact more than we think in our lives. 

As for me, I don’t know which city I’d be in, but I’d definitely be in North Carolina.  My husband and I talk about it all the time.  Even though we live in Amishville, USA we’re so tired of life in the Northeast Corridor and want to get the eff out.  It feels smothering.   We love North Carolina.  We’d love to be closer than 10 hours from the Outer Banks… our favorite vacation spot… and just be South.   Somewhere around Charlotte or Raleigh.  Asheville is getting just a bit too far inland and would still make OBX about 7 hours…  too far.   I know there’s stress everywhere.  Life breeds stress, but the slower pace south of the Mason/Dixon just seems like it would suit us far better.  

So where would you be?   If you had to call someplace home other than you already do where would it be?   What state or country and why? 

Hamlet’s Mistress



One response

14 09 2010

I’d go north, and live on one of the islands off the coast of New England. Because apparently I like hurricanes and freezing winters. 🙂

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