Russell I. Crowe – You should follow me on Twitter

16 09 2010

Russell I. Crowe

I found Russell I. Crowe on Twitter this morning and Russell I. Crowe was blue check mark verified, so I knew it was, in fact, Russell I. Crowe. Russell I. Crowe follows exactly 21 people on Twitter and Russell I. Crowe is followed by thousands, obviously. There are a few reasons why Russell I. Crowe should want to follow me on Twitter. And ya’ll, if Russell I. Crowe does actually start to follow me on Twitter then I will totally crap my pants. And if Russell I. Crowe doesn’t come to his senses and follow me on Twitter then I will have a huge temper tantrum and throw a phone… like Russell I. Crowe. Which brings me to my first reason why Russell I. Crowe should follow me on Twitter.

1. I’m a level-headed sort of person. Someone Russell I. Crowe could learn a thing or two from on having an even temperament and laid-back nature. History shows that Russell I. Crowe lacks both of these things.

2. I liked A Beautiful Mind, which Russell I. Crowe was in. Yeah, that’s all I have for the 2nd reason of why Russell I. Crowe should follow me on Twitter. It’s also the only movie of his I like.

3. I did not like Gladiator. Russell I. Crowe was the star of that movie and the reason Russell I. Crowe should follow me on Twitter because of that is because it proves I’m unique and not just a follower who loves Russell I. Crowe’s work just because everyone else does.

4. The last person Russell I. Crowe needs to follow on Twitter is another crazy fan which works out splendidly because I am not a fan of Russell I. Crowe, in fact, I tend to dislike Russell I. Crowe very much which MEANS I could actually be a real person for Russell I. Crowe to converse with without fear that I would agree with everything Russell I. Crowe says simply because he’s Russell I. Crowe.

5. The final reason Russell I. Crowe should follow me on Twitter is because I will make Russell I. Crowe look good and be a good addition to Russell I. Crowe’s follow list. Not like that bum Ron Howard who is also on Russell I. Crowe’s follow list. Or Kevin Spacey, who is also on Russell I. Crowe’s follow list. But I can’t really say that last part whole-heartedly because I freaking HEART Kevin Spacey. So while Kevin Spacey pulls his weight making Russell I. Crowe look good and credible I can pick up where he, Kevin Spacey, leaves off in the propping Russell I. Crowe up category.

And that concludes my list on why Russell I. Crowe should follow me on Twitter. So hopefully soon, I’ll have one more follower and that follower will be Russell I. Crowe. And I will, as I formerly said, crap my ever-loving pants.

Russell I. Crowe?   Yeah, you’ve just been John C. Mayer’d.

Hamlet’s Mistress



16 responses

16 09 2010

Russell I Crowe should follow you on Twitter and I don’t know why Russell I. Crowe does not follow you on Twitter and that makes me MAD that he does not follow you on Twitter.

I am ALSO mad that Urban Dictionary will not publish my term “pulling a John C Mayer” because they suck fucking asswads.

16 09 2010

Yeah, they do. Don’t be suprised if by the end of next month both “pulling a John C. Mayer” is in the Urban Dictionalry and Russell I. Crowe follows me on Twitter. I know for a fact I haven’t posted my last post on Russell I. Crowe and I also know for a fact that this “pulling a John C. Mayer” thing has legs and it’s nowhere near done running. Both things will happen. I swear by Russell I. Crowe and John C. Mayer.


16 09 2010

I’m totally with you on A Beautiful Mind starring Russel I. Crowe. He should totally be tweeties (tweeting besties) with you. If not, then Russel I. Crowe is crazy.

I John C. Mayer-ed Matthew P. Damon – check it out!

16 09 2010

I agree!! And I will head over and read where you pulled a John C. Mayer when I get home. Thanks for coming!!

16 09 2010

As an Aussie, just like Russel I. Crowe, and currently living in Australia, which Russel I. Crowe doesn’t, well, not all the time, and as a lover of Mommy wants Vodka, how could I not help pull a John C. Mayer on Russel I. Crowe? Did you guys know Russel I. Crowe also plays in a band? Haven’t heard their music and really don’t want to.

16 09 2010

I love it that you pulled a John C. Mayer on Russell I. Crowe! Russell I. Crowe is such a total douchebag. If Russell I. Crowe throws one more temper tantrum, I may just have to totally ban watching any more Russell I. Crowe movies for life. Even if Meg Ryan is in the movie with Russell I. Crowe.

Prank on!

16 09 2010

Oh, why oh why won’t Russell I. Crowe follow you? He must be a rat bastard. Boo!

17 09 2010

Russell I. Crowe should be hanging his, I mean Russell I Crowes, head in shame for not following you on Twitter! If for no other reason that you took the time to John C Mayer Russell I. Crowe. I did like Russell I Crowe in A Beautiful Mind, and I liked Russell I. Crowe in Gladiator. But as a person, I have to agree that Russell I. Crowe is a douchebag! And a rat bastard!

I think that John C Mayer-d has gotten a life of its own! I have John C. Mayer-d James W. Marsters, and am feeling pretty damn good about John C. Mayer-ing him!

17 09 2010

Thank you!!! Russell I. Crowe should indeed be ashamed for not following me. Regardless of the fact that Russell I. Crowe is a horse’s ass, Russell I. Crowe should still want to follow me because I’m just. that. awesome… inlike Russell I. Crowe.


17 09 2010
Megan (Best of Fates)

Russell I. Crowe, I’m sold.

You should totally follow Hamlet’s Mistress on Twitter.

17 09 2010

Russell I. Crowe is only following 21 people on Twitter, and he can’t find time to follow you? Does Russell I. Crowe even understand the concept of the Twitter? I mean, I always thought Russell I. Crowe was a bit egotistical, but seriously…for this transgression, he totally deserves to be John C. Mayer’d, and not in a good way. Bad Russell I. Crowe, bad!

17 09 2010

Russell I. Crowe’s an ass. Thanks for your support. You would make a good Russell I. Crowe role model as well.


17 09 2010

This makes my day. I love Aunt Becky and her pranksters. And you, HM.

18 09 2010

If Russel I. Crowe doesn’t follow you, I am NOT renting Robin Hood on Tuesday. Is John C. Mayer in that? Is Aunt Becky? If she is, then forget that first part.

18 09 2010

Russell I. Crowe! Good choice! I picked Adam M. Lambert!

18 09 2010
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