Pulling a John C. Mayer could get you cut.

20 09 2010

As most of you know, I’m participating in this. As my target of pulling a John C. Mayer (The link is for urbandictionary.com… so look it up, BETH, before you get all pissy again) I chose Russell I. Crowe.

I’ve now written two posts about Russell I. Crowe. Three if you count this one. And I’m having a blast with it. Yes, I’m a little put off by the fact that Russell I. Crowe thinks I’m an idiot, but other than that it’s been a real hoot and a half.

This is not true for an unsuspecting reader who wandered onto my blog yesterday and got very upset by my treatment of Russell I. Crowe.  She didn’t seem to read the whole post to the bottom to see the link back to Aunt Becky and the origin of this experiment.   She was really upset. See???

You're THAT upset? Really?

 Now that Russell I. Crowe’s mom has spoken her piece, I did want to mention two things.   People who can’t take a joke should not read something that is clearly satirical and two…  actually, Beth, your typo didn’t bother me at all, but thank you for your concern. 

I must say I’m not thrilled with the fact that Russell I. Crowe can’t fight his own battles and has to send his mom.   So again, let’s go over this…  shall we?   Russell I. Crowe does not:  follow me on twitter, thank people for their help, thinks I’m an idiot and can’t fight his own battles and sends his MOM* to do it. 

*Clearly I do not know if this person is Russell I. Crowe’s mom or not….  but I have to assume because why else would she be SO upset??   Right?? 

EDIT 09/21/2010:   Hey!  I got another one.  People are REALLY sensitive about Russell I. Crowe.   I had no idea I picked someone who had such a tightly wound fan base.     Angry commenter #2.  

If the above is too hard to read…  Muriel wrote:  “This whole thing is in poor taste. I see where you say it’s a joke….most actual jokes are funny to someone besides the joke-teller. Why in the world SHOULD Russell I. Crowe, or anyone else for that matter, reply to you? Talk about entitlement. Especially when he likely didn’t even see your tweet. He gets hundreds every day (although it used to be thousands, it’s settled down some) and he has said (on twitter) that sometimes he can’t even find the beginning. No way can he possibly read them all. So your demands seem to me to smack more of “princess-dom” than “humor”. Princess-icity? Princess-ism? One of those.”

But I do thank dear Muriel for using “Russell I. Crowe” and not just “Russell Crowe”.    That was extraordinarily helpful.  Thanks!! 

Hamlet’s Mistress



One response

22 09 2010
Kelly @ The Startup Wife

Oh wow. Who knew he would have so many defenders??

Also, your title is cracking me up.

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