A bunch of gobbely gook random crap.

6 10 2010

– A couple of weeks ago I wrote this and hoped a couple of people would want to participate. I got no bites on it. I had even contacted a fairly well-known blogger in hopes that she would want to team up to help a cause very near and dear to her heart and didn’t hear back. So I deleted the forum I set up and will be going it alone… apparently.

– The interview people I met with are making their decision on Monday. Every time I think about getting the offer and taking the job I nearly barf at the prospect of leaving my job and letting people down. Maybe I’m thinking too highly of myself, after all, everyone is replaceable in the business world. I do know that it’s going to be a serious imposition and knowing I would cause it and people will probably be mad, disappointed, livid at me gives me the shakes.

– I’m thinking of starting a 2nd blog. One where I can be a girl and talk sports. I know I can do that here, especially the be a girl part, cuz I am… I mean it’s my blog and I can write what I want. However, sports is something I’m so passionate about I’d like other sports fans to be able to come and read it without having to sort through all the… I’m a girl and neurotic…. I’m fat… I want a baby…. hormonal broody stuff I write here. Because just as most of my readers here aren’t interested in sports, I’d wager most of my readers there wouldn’t be interested in what goes on here.

– At some point on here I’m going to do the 30 Days of Truth that I saw here and here. I just have to gear up for it.

– I sleep with a teddy bear. I do. He’s my husband’s and my bear. I bought him for my husband before we were engaged once when he didn’t feel good and he’s the most amazing bear ever. We’ve never found another one like him. He was the ring bearer in our wedding (get it? get it? ring BEARer??). Oh sure, the little 7-year-old boy who carried him thought HE was the ring bearer, cuz that’s what we told him, but not so. It was Rupert*. My husband bawled like a baby when he saw that Rupert had the rings tied up in his bow.
*Name changed to protect the innocent.

– Ok, I guess that’s it. Well except that I’m a girl and hormonal and want a baby and I’m fat…and slightly neurotic. Yup! That should do it!!

Hamlet’s Mistress



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