Thirteen things I love about the Phillies…

7 10 2010


2. Roy Oswalt

3. Cole Hamels

4. Carlos “Chooch” Ruiz – Especially Chooch.  I don’t know what the hell you’re sayin’, baby.  But I love ya!!

5. Ryan Howard

6. Chase Utley

7. Jimmy Rollins

8. Placido Polanco

9. Jayson Werth

10. Shane Victorino

11. Raul Ibanez

12. Wilson Valdez

13. Charlie Manuel



12 responses

7 10 2010
Hootin' Anni

I can’t understand why the fans call him ‘doc’…when his name is halladay instead of holliday.

They won!!

7 10 2010

Really? Even though they sound totally similar? It’s Red Doctober!! Happy Halladays!! It’s outROYgeous!! 🙂


7 10 2010

great start last night

7 10 2010

I know, right? It’s so exciting!

7 10 2010

I’m not a baseball fan, or a fan of sports in general but Roy Halladay was amazing!

Happy TT,

13 Food For Breast Health

7 10 2010

Happy TT to you, too!!

And yeah, he was. He’s a beast.

Thanks for coming!!


7 10 2010

Fun hobby! Happy TT!

7 10 2010

Oh my gosh. I don’t know what that means! Though, I would LOVE to make Jayson Werth my hobby. Hubba hubba.

7 10 2010

I heard it rained on the fans last night.

Have a great Thursday!

7 10 2010

It did you could see it on the tv. Some fans put up umbrellas but then it cleared up.

7 10 2010

I think I need to protest the position of Chase Utley on that list, solely for the fact that he’s pretty.

7 10 2010

I didn’t want to forget anyone so I went through in order in my head. Pitchers, catcher, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, RF, CF, LF and the guy we couldn’t have made it without that played for Jimmy and Polanco and Chase during the year. 🙂

If we were going by order of pretty, my dear, Jayson would be first. Followed by Cole (he’s not my cup of tea, but even I can tell he’s pretty) and THEN Chase. Which would have made him 3rd instead of 6th. Is that better?

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