Common Sense vs. Testosterone

28 10 2010

Yesterday a fundamental difference between my husband and myself was made so very clear.

You, most of you anyway, probably don’t know that Back to the Future is BIG in my house.  Like BIG, like if I had to compare something big in size to something else I would use the importance of Back to the Future to our household as the biggest thing ever. 

So you might imagine the movie being released on Blu-Ray yesterday with like an hour of special features was kind of a notable event.  Is it big to both of us?  Well let me put it this way…  before I met my husband, 7 and a half years ago, I’d seen none of the 3 movies all the way through and the 2nd one not at all.  Funny, because now the 2nd one is my favorite.  I’ve met Bob Gale, the writer and producer.  I’ve met Claudia Wells, the original Jennifer, I’ve met James Tolkien who played Mr. Strickland.  OH and we have a Delorean in our garage that my husband is converting into a movie car.  So yeah…  Back to the Future =  Big Effing Deal in the Hamlet’s Mistress casa. 

I pick my husband up from work and he tells me we’re going to Barnes & Noble because all over the interwebs NO ONE is able to find the Blu-Ray.  He tells me if Barnes & Noble doesn’t have it then we’re going to the mall to Suncoast.  If they don’t have it we’re going to Best Buy and then if they don’t have it we’re going to Target and if all else fails…  Wal-Mart, though he’s certain they don’t have it.   So I ask him why we don’t just call.  He wants no parts of it.

While he is in Barnes & Noble not buying the Blu-Ray because they don’t have it…  I’m 411-ing my tuchus off to find it so that we don’t have to drive all over God’s creation at rush hour to find it.  I call Suncoast…  Nope.   I call the Best Buy that’s on the way home…  Nope, BUT their store that is about 15 minutes in the opposite direction from the way home has ONE.  They give me the number and I call there…  Nope.  Just sold.  JUST. SOLD.  So then I call Wal-Mart just on a whim.  My husband comes out of Barnes & Noble…  dejected… and gets in the car while I’m on hold for the electronics department.  Do they have it?  Yes.  Are they sure it’s the Blu-Ray and not the regular DVD…  Yes.   Can they put one back for us….  Yes.  

So my husband would have had us out on the road for about an hour and a half while he went in and out of places getting madder and madder because HOW could these places not have gotten FULL SHIPMENTS!?!? whereas I, for $1.50 in 411 charges located it, secured it and then drove us to go buy it at a store 2 miles from home where  he was SURE they wouldn’t have it. 

Potentially driving all over creation – $10 in gas

Listening to my husband rant and rave after each unsuccessful trip:  A small part of my soul.

Getting to save the day and be smug and see once again why women are the fairer and more sane sex:  $1.50

A happy husband:  Priceless.

There are some things in life money can’t buy….  this?  Wasn’t one of  ’em.



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