30 Days of Truth – Day 4

1 11 2010

Something I have to forgive someone else for…

I know to forgive is divine, and I do believe that forgiveness does not need to be asked for in order to be given.  That said, I am not without my things that just have not been able to bring myself to forgive some people for.

I feel the biggest of these, because it includes family, is my aunt.  My mom’s sister – for not attending my wedding.  It crushed me.  It crushed my mom.  To this day I don’t understand it and I think that is what is keeping me from getting past the bitter to a place of forgiveness.  I do not need my aunt to ask forgiveness…  but I need to understand why.  and I cannot bring myself to ask her.  I just can’t.  It changed how I see her.  Forever.




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