Because I have no pride I will have prizes…

28 11 2010

Update:  I feel I need to simplify this.  So here are the steps.

1.  A random day is generated each month.  The current month’s date has already been randomly generated.

2.  The date is known to me.

3.  Comment, comment, comment on  any post.  Doesn’t matter.  I can still tell the order.

4.  At the end of the month, in this case on 12/28/10 I will announce what the date was and also which comment was randomly generated as the winner.

5.  Prizes will be emailed out.  I will probably do all prizes via email as something that can be printed out and redeemed.  (Read Gift Certificates)

6.  Once the prize has been awarded, a new month will start.

7.  Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

You can skip reading what’s below if this is your first time reading this post.  It says all the above in a much more confusing fashion.



Ok, so I have upwards of 50 visitor hits per day on this site and I have virtually no comments to show for it.  Comments are like crack to bloggers.  We just want to know there’s SOMEONE out there.  Someone other than stupid comment bots with their “So happy to have found your site.  Your article was interesting and I think you would be interested in ABC site that has nothing to do with the post you wrote” comments.  They, obviously, don’t count.

So, therefore, starting today one random day a month will be prize day.   I will put in dates from today until a month from today and randomly generate a winning day.  My post that day won’t necessarily tell you that it’s comment prize day unless it’s a slow news day..  But once the day is picked and comments come in, I’ll have the program randomly pick a comment and that person will get the prize.

So today is 11/28/2010.  Today I will put in 11/28/10 to 12/28/10 and get a date.   The comments can be on that day’s post or any pther post.  I can still see the order no matter which post you comment on.  Once a winner has been generated I will let you know at the end of the month.  At which time I’ll put in a new set of dates.


Any questions???

Like I said…  comments are like crack to bloggers and I’m jonesing for a fix.

*Prize values will vary but they won’t suck.

*If this leads to any comment flooders, they’ll be ineligibe.



16 responses

28 11 2010
Lynn MacDonald

Hey, i know what you mean. I will be curious whether a) this pleaa for comments generates comments (other than mine) and b) whether an ad on a larger blog generates viewers. I will be checking closely.

I don’t need a prize. I was just curious about the methodology.



28 11 2010

I can answer the 2nd one already. YES. I’ve been added to 3 more feed readers since last week when the ad went up and the visitors has increased by about a third. The feed readers at least let me know that people came, liked it and intend to stay.

I don’t know if this will work or not. It kind of feels like the equivalent of sleeping my way to the top. 🙂 but we’ll see.

28 11 2010
Joe Sixpack

So happy to have found your site. Your article was interesting and I think you would be interested in ABC site that has nothing to do with the post you wrote.

28 11 2010

HAAAAA!! THAT was funny. Made me laugh during a very sad Eagles game. Kudos to you, Joe Sixpack.

28 11 2010

I’ve found that maybe one out of every hundred visitors will actually interact…

28 11 2010

Yeah, my goal is to increase that tremendously. 🙂

28 11 2010

Just stumbled upon your blog. Will have to take some time to read your other entries. However, your prize/pride caught my attention. If I hit the jackpot, I will have to share with other members of my family (it’s an unwritten rule), but I’m ok with a gift card to a major dept. store – Canadian please. Flowers are good too. Chocolates are even better. I will leave the decision up to you.
Regards Norine

28 11 2010

Welcome. I will definitely take country into consideration. :o) Just don’t forget that the date is unknown, so people need to keep coming back and chatting me up. I mean, I know the date of course… 🙂 It was randomly generated earlier today.
But thanks again for coming.


28 11 2010

I feel the same way about comments. I know people read the post but don’t comment. It is frustrating. Here’s to lots of comments. Cheers!

29 11 2010
A Redhead Named Sam

Found you through Mommy Wants Vodka! Hi!

Comments = Blogger Crack and I just wanted to help you get a small fix. 🙂

29 11 2010

Aw thanks! You’re awesome. Thanks for coming by.

29 11 2010

If I should be randomly picked I’d like to donate the prize to another blogger of my choice, if that’s OK. And if I should with the lottery, I’ll give you a prize. 🙂

29 11 2010

That’s fine. Just remember the rules. Both the day and the commenter are random, so keep commenting, you never know when that day could be “THE DAY”.

29 11 2010

I’ve been shamed into commenting…. What is it that I win, again?….

29 11 2010

Today you win my undying gratitude. 🙂

29 11 2010

thanks for joining mailbox monday! i’m your newest email subscriber

i dont get many comments either

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