Giveaway Winner!!

22 12 2010

Remember I posted about this giveaway? We have a winner. Random date generator picked December 5th as the comment day and then random number generator picked comment 2 made on that day. And THAT comment belonged to Brooke of TxtingMrDarcy!!

Tell them what she’s won, Al!!

AL: Brooke has won a $25 gift certificate to… SEPHORA!! She’ll be able to use it online or, if she chooses can have an actual gift card mailed to her and use it at the closest mall to her that HAS a Sephora. The octopus shaped mall that has many arms that go out from a central court area. You know the one, don’t you, Brooke?

Thanks, Al. That’s right, Brooke can now enjoy a luxurious Sephora gift courtesy of this blog!!

And you can win, too. The giveaway continues… a repeating giveaway, if you will. It will start over today and go until 1/22/11. How do you win? Read and comment. On any post, any day… every day. Spammers will be deleted and not counted.

So congratulations Brooke!! Email me… over there… to the right… down… right there or DM me on Twitter and let me know what form you want your gift card. A very Merry Christmas to you!! (Because I know who you are and that you celebrate Christmas… not because I just assume everyone does… just to be clear.)



2 responses

22 12 2010


I’d like to thank the Academy and… wait, what? Oh. right. What a fabulous treat!

8 02 2011

Oh, I could use a treat like that…

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