Attention all men…

4 01 2011

Ok, now that I’ve got you here…




THIS is an EMPTY toilet paper roll…..












THIS is an unacceptable means of changing the roll.










THIS is how the roll SHOULD look.




For instructions on how to make this happen…   go HERE. You will be SHOCKED at the simplicity of it all. At least, I assume you will be, because if you KNOW how simple it is I can’t imagine why on earth ya’ll don’t do it.

Does it violate some kind of man-code?

<— End Rant —>



2 responses

4 01 2011

I must have married the exception…half the time, I’m the one who forgets.

Does that make me the man?……pondering that.

4 01 2011

No… just lucky. 🙂

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