Give me your favorite blogs!!

8 07 2011

Now that I’ve started this favorite posts of the week thing and the numbers show it’s a hit, I need to branch out. 

So it’s group participation time.  And I know y’all are out there.  I see you.  Give me your favorites, and your own, if you’re not sure if I read it yet.  

Thank you in advance for the plethora of responses I’m going to get.



11 responses

8 07 2011

Well, mine is
I read a bunch of them casually, but my favorites right now are and

9 07 2011

I was pretty sure you knew mine. But in case you don’t it’s My favorite blog to read is on hiatus right now but she’ll be back soon and I’ll send you a link then. I mostly read a buch of writer’s blogs now. That’s probably boring if you aren’t a writer though.

In other news, I’m going to have to visit your avon page and buy some more skin so soft lotion. It keeps the bugs from eating me!


9 07 2011
10 07 2011

Oh, I’ve got a huge list of favorites, but if I had to choose a few to recommend, they would be these:
and (Both written by the same person)

along with:

Ok, that’s more than a few, but you asked for it. Haha. 🙂

16 07 2011
Angie B.

My blog is Free Stuff, Fun Sites, Contests, and More

I love Precisely Mine:

I also love Tight Wad in Utah:

17 07 2011
Chibi Jeebs

Well, you know I love 😉

Another pet project near and dear to mah heart is . is hilarious.

Enjoying the Small Things is lovely, too:

17 07 2011
Fidza Hamdan

One of my favorite blogs is by Diane. Her blog is at

18 07 2011

I also love Tight Wad in Utah:

18 07 2011

You know that I am going to say right?

Okay. That being said, I also love me some

20 07 2011
Amanda Podlucky

I ❤ those watches!!

20 07 2011

You can get your own at 🙂

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