Favorite Post of the Week #8

19 08 2011

No contest.  My favorite post of the week this week almost made me pee laughing.  No joke.  

It’s this post here from the ravishing Shauna Glenn.  Because oh my gosh, it’s so something I would do and I love the way she writes it.

Definitely worth a read.  And Shauna, in general, is worth reading always.   Some of my favorite posts of Shauna’s:

Actually – you know what?  1.  There are SO MANY good ones.  2.  Every one I think of I have no idea when it was written, so I’ll never find them in her archives.  So make a cup of coffee or something, get comfy and just read them all.  It’ll be worth it.  She’s fantastic.   She should really have a “poop” category because THOSE posts?  Those are the funniest posts by far.  Hilarity ensues.

And I’m apparently a 12 year old boy.



One response

20 08 2011
Lynn MacDonald

Ok…i saw your plea on Twitter. How is it that i wasn't your favorite post of the week? i'm just kidding…

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