I Don’t Want to be Cooked in the Squat

20 08 2011

For anyone who doesn’t know who Zig Ziglar is, you’re about to be introduced.

I used to listen to Zig Ziglar CDs all the time back when I fancied myself an insurance salesperson.  As my goals in life have changed, so have my listening habits.  I’m all sports talk radio all the time now.  Which really has nothing to do with any life goals except being happy and listening to sports talk radio makes me happy.

But what I forgot and lost sight of was that listening to Zig Ziglar made me happy, too.  Yes, he speaks on sales and successful selling and closing the sale – but he also speaks on successful living.  Goal setting and going for your dreams by building a foundation under them.

I was missing Zig and his unique voice the other night and took a chance and looked him up on YouTube.  There he was, in all his Zig Ziglar glory.  And while a lot of the videos were different parts of things I’ve heard when I listened to him before, there was a gem that I came across that I got to hear for the first time..

It’s about being “cooked in the squat”.   No one could speak better on what that means than Mr. Ziglar himself so here he is talking about being “cooked in the squat”.

I’m one of those people. The one that always seems to be waiting for something to start or finish or happen before I do what I want to do. Or become who I want be. And I think I’m done with that. I don’t think I want to wait anymore. I don’t want to be “cooked in the squat.” I want to rise up to my full potential and just BE.

So I’m gonna.



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21 08 2011

Love it!

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