Fred the Arthritic Bird

18 09 2011

So the birds around my house do this weird thing.

I’m sure they do it everywhere, but regardless of where they’re doing it… it’s weird.

They all group together.  A huge flock of them..  They all settle into a tree or two.  Thousands of them.  When you look up to the tree, it’s moving.  It’s just alive with the movement of the birds and the volume of them all chirping at the same time is so loud.  And when they all ride up together and take wing it sounds like I’m getting to be hit with a huge wind, but it’s just their wings.  It’s just crazy.  But the oddest part is, as soon as they all get settled, they take back off again.  But it’s funny, there always seems to be one bird that lags behind. I think of him a Fred, the Arthritic.  It takes him awhile longer to take off.  To get those old joints moving.  To catch up.   So it really seems like they’re all like, “Well, Fred’s here.  I guess we can GO now.  Thanks for showing up FRED, just in time to leave.”  And the cycle starts all over.  They do this for about an hour or two.  I feel bad for poor Fred.  And his poor stiff joints.  I figure that’s the only explanation.

Either that or he’s got terrible B.O.  



One response

19 09 2011

Maybe you could leave a tiny tube of BenGay in the tree. Men here don't use it here anymore for fear it will turn them queer anyway.

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