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I’m a thirty-something.    Love my husband.  Love my animals.  Long for a child.   I am the consummate optimist, except for here, where I have no reason or need to hold my crap together.

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8 08 2010
a bourbon for silvia

you cracked me up with a couple of your comments.
Following now!

8 08 2010

Aw, thanks!! Welcome!!

1 11 2010

I just found your blog by stumble upon, and I have to say that I absolutely loved it! You are a honest and amazing writer.

I, too, have to learn to forgive myself for getting fat…If I could blame it on someone else or a certain situation in my life, God knows that I would! Or at least try too!

Nope, it’s MY fault and now comes the hardest part… forgiveness! Thanks for being the voice of reason that I so needed! Although I’ve lost over 70 pounds after hitting the scale and nearly dying… I still can’t seem to get over my self- hatred long enough to enjoy my accomplishment. Crazy, I know!

Again, It’s awesome reading a genuine and honest writer 🙂

Good luck on finding YOUR own forgiveness and your journey out of weight hate.

1 11 2010

Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for coming and I hope you stay! The forgiving myself thing is hard. Every time I run into an old classmate, I just want to hide my head… and my body… in shame. I used to have a, I’m not going to mince words, smokin’ body. Just all my friends were like 110lbs so at 150 I felt like a cow. I look at pictures now and I realize they were unhealthily skinny and I was pretty fine, actually. It’s sad to think that now since I truly believe that self-doubt and self-consciousness of my high school years lead to my indifference towards my body in my college years which has lead to today. 10 years out of college and 100lbs overweight. So yeah. I’ve got a lot of forgiving of me to do…
Thanks again for coming!!

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