Dear Jason Kelce,

13 10 2011

I wanted to take a couple minutes out as just one of an innumerable crowd of Eagles fans. to write you this letter.

I know you’re a rookie and you’re new here, but let me tell you a few things about us.

We are the tried and true.

We’ve been here through ownership changes, coaching changes and more player changes than I even would dare to name.

We’ve loved our team long before you got here and will continue to long after you leave.

We are the life blood, the heart and soul and the essence of this team that you just joined.

We believe in hard hits, fair play and tough love.

We criticize hard…  we love harder.

When a player embraces us, despite our flaws and usually because of them, we embrace them back.   A player that doesn’t embrace us… well, if you want to know what that’s like – ask our former quarterback.

We are devoted to the players that are devoted to us.  And we want to love every single one of you.

Players come on to our team – maybe some with our concern, but always with our faith and hope being the wind at your back.

We have long memories and forget little.  We forgive much.

However, if you pick a fight with some of us, you pick a fight with all of us.

As I said, you’re new here.  We’re not.  Which gives us a right to our opinions and the right to express them without being bullied by you.  Or any other player.  However, since this hasn’t really ever happened before…  let’s just say by you.

So, I just have one request…  given the fact that we are the reason you get a paycheck and that our passion is what makes this team able to exist at all… leave the fans alone… ALL of us.  Not “most” of us.  ALL. OF. US.

Just do us all a favor.  Focus on football.  Focus on YOUR job.  Not on OUR past-time.


Help Me Help Others

12 10 2011
In honor of what is traditionally the month of breast cancer awareness, I have made a decision to raise money for The American Cancer Society.
There are cancers out there that affect more women than breast cancer does and it’s time to bring them out of the dark and give them some awareness as well.  
Like colorectal cancer, non-melanoma skin cancer and lung and bronchus cancer.  There are no awareness months for those types of cancers though colorectal cancer kills almost as many women as breast cancer and lung and bronchus cancer kills more.
As most of you know by now, I sell Avon, and though I personally am committed to a goal of $200 by October 31st.
I am donating 30% of my profits from online sales for the month of October to the ACS.  I put in a regular priced order myself as well and am obviously donating 100% of the profit from my personal order.
You can help by going to my Avon store and shopping!  Tomorrow starts the beginning of Avon’s Holiday Gift season!  There’s no better time!
Please.  And thank you.

For the Love of the Game

26 09 2011

Being a sports fan is tough.  Seriously.  It’s like work sometimes.  Sports fans, the real kind of sports fans like e have here in Philly, we put effort into being a fan.  We know our players names, their numbers, their strengths and weaknesses.  From our armchairs, we’re part of every pitch, every hit, every snap, every pass.  We participate fully and we care deeply.  After a tight game, we’re tired and after a gut-wrenching loss… we’re heartbroken.  Or livid.  Or both.

We hold our breath when our quarterback goes down waiting for him to get back up.  When one of our guys is on fire flying around the bases and suddenly goes into a gimp, we grimace and our whole being chants, “Please just be a cramp, please just be a cramp.”  And when the quarterback stays down or the player doesn’t take the field when it’s time, our hearts sink and in one agonizing exhale we moan, “Oh no…”

It’s brutal caring so much.  Being that invested.  Game after game and week after week.   It’s agonizing, soul-sucking and downright painful.   So why do we do it?

We do it for moments like this:

And this:

 And, of course, like this: (which still makes me tear up)

These moments are why we do it.  The moments that we can say we saw.  We saw them happen.  From the stool at our local bar… from our couch in the living room…  right there in person.  In those moments we’re all one.  Joined in a single moment of absolute joy.  We were there.  In our own way, in our place, breathing life into the moment and knowing at once that we’ll never forget.

That’s who we are.  That’s why we put up with it all.  We know that we must go through the agony of defeat to get to the thrill of victory.  They both combine to make the experience worth the struggle.

We’re fans so we do it and we will continue do it.  We’ll always show up.

For the love of the game.

In which I thought I had lymphoma… (and other ramblings)

31 08 2011

Spoiler alert – I don’t have lymphoma.

Anyway, there was this thing in my ear.  I didn’t think much of it.  Pimple maybe?  Kinda hurt but no biggie.  And no, I know there are no lymph nodes in my ear for any of you medically gifted people out there who are already trying to connect the dots and tie in my thinking I had lymphoma into the thing in my ear.

So a few days later my ear hurt more.  Then Tom and I were in the car and I rubbed my neck and felt a lump on the side.  It was about the size of a pea and hard.   I immediately started to cry.  The ear was hurting more, not getting better and a dr’s appt was made.   In the back of my mind I was confident the two were linked.  In the front of my mind, I was surely dying of lymphoma.  

Turns out I had a nodule in my ear that had become infected.  Like mother of all infections infected.   And the lump in my neck?  That was the lone lymph node trying to fight the infection.  Don’t ask me why the rest of the lymph nodes didn’t step up to take part in the battle, but they didn’t.  That lonely little lymph node was fighting it’s heart out and I’m so appreciative.

Long story short the infection got taken care of and yesterday the nodule was taken care of and after the infection was taken care of within two days the lump in my neck was gone.  That lymph node is somewhere tropical on a well deserved vacation.  I’m sure of it.

And aside from some pain, I’m all better now.  Just need to heal.


School is back in now.  Which means very little to me since I have no kids and don’t go to school.  It means nothing except for two things.   TRAFFIC is the first thing.   They’ve built so many new homes and townhouse complexes between here and my husband’s work that even in the summer there was heavy congestion.  Now that school is back in?  We’re having to leave between 15 and 30 minutes earlier.  And STILL stopping and sitting in traffic.  The 15 to 30 minute buffer isn’t to avoid the traffic, it’s to allow for time to sit in it.  The other thing the start of school means is that I’m back to being the morning driver.  During the summer my husband drives in the morning.  But he has ZERO patience for traffic when he’s the passenger and even less than that when he’s the driver.  So now that we have super heavier traffic during the school year, I have to be the bleary eyed driver in the morning.  INTO the sun.

And just for the record, can I ask a question?  See, in stop and go and SUDDEN stop traffic, I leave room in front of me lest I rear-end the person in front of me.   Makes sense to me.  Seems a lot like logic.   So can anyone tell me WHY people in the right lane think that’s an open invitation to move over in front of me to the left lane?  Thereby effectively removing my buffer zone?  Because it happened 6 times on the way to work just this morning.   I’m not talking like a ridiculous about of space.  I’m talking a car length, in which they squeeze in their car.  It gives me stabby pains in my eyes.   Along with the ones I already have in my ear.


You know, I had this whole thing written in this space here, but I’m not doing it.  Some issues I don’t want to revisit to be quite honest with you.  But let me just say this.  I’ve recently come to believe that someone I used to be very good friends with but are now just Facebook friends with may read this blog.  So let me just say this:

To you, if you are reading, you know who you are.   Of everything I lost 5 and a half years ago for better or worse…  and in most cases for the better – you – are my only regret.  I see pictures of you, your husband and your two beautiful girls and when I see your face?  Oh my gosh, I just love you.  And miss you.  So very much.  And while I don’t actually expect anything between us to change because I really think some things may be insurmountable for me to get past (which is totally my issue, not yours at all) – I just wanted you to know how I feel about you.  I think you are a remarkable woman with a beautiful heart.  And I always will.
– Love, Amer


Getting to my fighting weight.

14 08 2011

Ok, so BlogHer12 is roughly 50 weeks from now.  And I’ve read over and over that no one cares how you look or how you dress.  Just that you show up.  Ok…  I hear blah blah blah blah.   I know BlogHer means one thing.  Eleventy billion pictures.

I refuse to hate every single picture of me that is taken while I’m supposed to be having loads of fun and getting to know some of the people in person that as of right now I’m convinced only live in my computer screen.  

So I’m comitting.  To you, readers, and to myself.

I will be back to this or close to it by BlogHer12.   Join me HERE on the journey.



3 08 2011

So this has been a doozy of a week.  I made a tough decision to step back from The Band.  I just have so much going on.  I have my Avon business that I desperately want to get off the ground and be successful.  We had a gut-wrenching beginning of the week with some family stuff that I won’t get into.  I’ve got the online book club and the online healthy living forum…  both of which I’ve seriously been neglecting.  Sorry members who read this.  I’ll be better!!  I promise.  And I haven’t crocheted in MONTHS.  Which makes me very sad and a little stabby.   Because I love crocheting so very much.   But all that to say that I haven’t been here to post much either.   Which I also love.

Because lately…  life’s been so crazy that I feel like I’ve just been holding my breath for days and right now?  I just need to pause and exhale.

The Best Deal I’ve Seen So Far…

31 07 2011
This is a $72 dollar value and it’s being sold for $19.99.
The bundle includes:
The bag – which I saw today in person and it’s big and adorable
Nail Experts UV Gloss Guard Top Coat
Glazeware Lip Gloss
Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield
ANEW Solar Advance Mini Sunscreen Face Lotion 
It is available here.  Just click the big picture and it’ll take you right there.  
Don’t miss this.  I’ve never seen a deal like this.