Can’t I just BE mad?

3 08 2010

My husband is a master at making me laugh at the most inopportune times…  like when I want to be mad at him. 

Case in point, this evening instead of picking my husband up at work, he had to take a car to a place just about 10 minutes from my work.  There’s always traffic from leaving his work, so I dallied at my work for a while, reading blogs…  actually listening to videos that I’d seen earlier but couldn’t put the sound on, like Anissa’s Vblog

When I picked him up I apologized again. And he was so snotty. When I apologize, and then he’s snotty, it makes me SO ANGRY. Why do I apologize if he’s going be a crabass anyway. He made sure to tell me he’d waited a total of 30 minutes and was just generally crappy making me feel worse… until it made me irritated and then angry.
We stopped for a quick dinner at Burger King and when I came out of the restroom the following conversation took place.

Him: You look so angry, what’s wrong now?
Me: Same thing.
Him: I was venting. You apologized but I hadn’t accepted it yet. I accept it now.
Me: Well, now it’s too late, now I’m waiting for YOUR apology.
Him: Well, what if I get you a crown? Cuz I’ll get you a crown. (we were at BK, remember?)
Me: I don’t want an effing crown.
Him: Are you sure? Because I’ll get you a crown, because I love you. I will.
Me: (Turning head to hide smile and the fact that I’m trying not to laugh, because dammit, I’m MAD)

I went through a few minutes of passive aggressive stuff… like only taking my cup to get just my drink… only getting one straw… only getting napkins enough for me. And then when he got his drink, napkins and straw he put it all down at the next booth over. He looked at me and we both started laughing. Fight over.

He does this all the time. Different circumstances, but he’ll make me laugh and it’s done.

That’s why we’re still married. That’s why it works.

On my way to happily ever after… Hamlet’s Mistress



One response

6 08 2010
Brahm (alfred lives here)

I love the offer to get you a crown — that is awesome — I would so forgive him. And wear the damn crown around the house for days. Ha! Now that is a plan!

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